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Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission opening day: 04 February 2020
Abstract submission deadline: 21 June 2020

You may present your work in a short lightning talk. We welcome abstracts of current work and/or short proposals for future initiatives related to the BigBrain from interested participants. Topics to be considered will include:
  • Methods and algorithms to analyze the BigBrain, especially (but not necessarily) concerning
    • registration
    • segmentation and mapping of cortical layers, areas, and subcortical structures
    • visualization and annotation tools
    • deep learning and machine learning
  • HPC aspects of managing, storing and processing such huge volumetric data
  • Studies and teaching activities around the BigBrain
Please submit a short abstract (max. 1/2 page) by 9 June 2020. To submit an abstract you have to create an account.
Possible actions you can carry out: