6 November 2020
UTC timezone

In the run-up to the SC20 conference, the 5th OpenPOWER Academia Discussion Group Workshop will take place as a virtual event on Friday, November 6, 2-8pm UTC.

Despite this being a virtual event, it is our goal to facilitate further interaction between members of the Academia Discussion Group (ADG) and other people interested in OpenPOWER. The workshop will focus on supporting developers using OpenPOWER technologies. We encourage developers from different application areas of scientific computing, data analytics and AI to join. The workshop will promote exchange of results among participants, enhance their technical knowledge as well as skills and facilitate networking.

A large fraction of the OpenPOWER members are academic institutions. The ADG serves as a platform within the OpenPOWER Foundation for academic members as well as a platform for other academics interested in OpenPOWER. Current ADG membership comprises a broad range of academic institutions with strong competence, e.g., in providing and operating high-performance computing facilities or in developing scientific applications, scalable numerical methods, new approaches for processing extreme scale data or new methods for data analytics.